Tales from the Heart

Tales from the Heart admin August 31, 2009

Tales from the Heart is a collaboration between four artists, Afshin Vahabzadeh, Price Morgan, Saki Murotani and Tyler Jordan, collectively known as Drool. After agreeing their guiding theme as “the human heart” and restricting themselves to a black, white and red colour scheme, the four artists went off separately to create their own content. Employing a wide range of animation techniques and styles ranging from hand drawing to complex particle systems they each came up with surreal, often beautiful imagery. A week later the quartet reunited to mash it all up into a polished, psychedelic “chaotic eye candy”.

Tales from the Heart is “a wild ride through the body, the gutter and the cosmos”. — Ian Leung, Prairie Tales 12


Director: Drool
Motion Graphics: Saki Murotani, Tyler B Jordan, Afshin Vahabzadeh
3D: Price Morgan
Compositing: Saki Murotani, Price Morgan
Audio: Price Morgan, Saki Murotani, Tyler B Jordan
Produced with the support from Film & Media at The Banff Centre.
© 2009 Drool