Howard Ferguson’s Five Bagatelles, Op. 9 Saki Murotani November 4, 2020



Shima Iuchi


Akina Yura


Saki Murotani


Kaleidoscope MusArt

Echos of Time: 2020-2021 Virtual Concert Season "Peeks into the Infinite I"
Howard Ferguson's Five Bagatelles, Op. 9

Peeks into the Infinite I is the first of two programs celebrating the 250th birth year of Ludwig van Beethoven by exploring the genre of the Bagatelle, from Beethoven to the modern day. A Bagatelle, by definition, is something trivial and minute. In Beethoven’s hands, it transcended these connotations, becoming a medium to express ideas ranging from profoundly philosophical to humorous and aphoristic. The title of the program refers to bagatelles as snapshots of infinitely-varied psychological states. Composers have continued to explore these musical forms in every generation following Beethoven.

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1st Movement

2nd Movement

3rd Movement

4th Movement

5th Movement